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Good referencing is key to scientific writing. Writefull Cite screens texts for citation completeness, helping students and researchers make sure that citations are added to their texts where they should.

Upload your document to Cite, and see how many sentences in your text ought to be supported by a citation. Writefull Cite will not only save you time, but also reduce the risk of your proposal or paper being rejected by publishers due to incomplete referencing. It also reduces your chances of (unknowingly) plagiarising.

Writefull is developed especially for students and researchers, and its feedback is tailored to academic writing. For more information, see https://writefull.com/.


Using Writefull Cite

<aside> 💡 Please make sure that the file you upload to Writefull Cite is a .docx, .doc, or .tex format. Your file should also not exceed the maximum size limit. Check I understand and accept the Terms of Service, then click Upload Manuscript.


Seeing your citation report

After uploading your document, you can see the number of missing citations that Writefull has detected across your text. For example, a count of 12 missing citations means that 12 sentences were identified by Writefull as likely to need a citation.

If you scroll down the page, you can quickly go past any grayed-out paragraphs and sentences (as those sentences won’t need your attention).

<aside> 💡 To go through citation suggestions more quickly, turn on the Compact View at the top of the page and see only those paragraphs where citations are missing.


Interpreting 'Missing Citation' suggestions

The sentences that need your attention are pointed to by a yellow arrow at the end, as shown in the below example.